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We would love to partner with you as we help incarcerated men and women be discipled and come to know Christ!

What does it mean partner with Mercy Unleashed?

Partnering with Mercy Unleashed is an opportunity to directly impact the mass incarceration crisis in the United States. There are currently 2.3 million people imprisoned in America... that is 25% of the world population of prisoners, right here in the United States! Mercy Unleashed believes that one way to counteract both crime and mass incarceration is through discipleship, accountability, and the regular reading of Scripture and meeting in community with likeminded believers.

This is an exciting time to work in prison ministry! God is actively working inside correctional facilities and changing hearts and minds, as He grows His kingdom. Scripture shows us that Jesus used the most unlikely of people and situations to teach His love and forgiveness. He did this to show us that we are all worthy of God's love.

There is no crime or sin that can separate us from God's love and there is no darkness that Jesus cannot reach. Unfortunately, many who are incarcerated do not understand the depth of Christ's love. It is the goal of Mercy Unleashed to raise up disciples inside the prison system so that they can teach others about Christ, spreading His words... with the goal to grow God's Kingdom and change culture beyond the walls.

How can I become a partner?

There are many opportunities to partner with Mercy Unleashed.

  • Join an existing Mercy Unleashed chapter inside your local prison.

  • Start a Mercy Unleashed chapter at your local church.

  • Start a Mercy Unleashed chapter at your reentry facility and work release programs.

  • Find out how to bring Mercy Unleashed inside your county jail.

  • If you are a prison chaplain, learn how to bring Mercy Unleashed inside your correctional facility.

  • Invite family members of the incarcerated to participate in a Mercy Unleashed online discipleship group.

  • Partner with Mercy Unleashed and let us help train and equip your local church to welcome returning citizens.

  • Learn how to begin a Mercy Unleashed discipleship group for children with incarcerated parents.

Email us for more information about partnership. Or, schedule a Zoom meeting with Pastor Bernie Haddad to discuss opportunities in your community, prison, or local church.

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